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Bell palsy with acupuncture

Patients Name: Ms. N. E.      Age: 27 years old

Date of visit: 24.03.2018

Chief complaint: Right facial nerve palsy for 8 years.

History of present illness: Right facial nerve palsy for 8 years, has been applied to a variety of methods of treatment, but the effect is not satisfactory. Right now there is mainly facial paralysis on the right side. There is no tearing or drooling. She can also close her eyes.

physical examination: Loss of forehead wrinkles and inability to frown, droopy eyebrow and inability to raise eyebrow, the corner of the mouth pulls down/droops, inability to smile on affected side.

pulse diagnosis: faint of fine pulse.

Mechanism of disease: blood stasis due to qi stagnation

Therapy:acupuncture, once a week, Bai Hui, Tai Bai, Zu San Li, Zu Lin Qi.

Result: after 4 weeks, all symptoms disappear.

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