Chronic Rhinitis and Sinusitis

Female, 62 years old,

Chief Complaints: chronic rhinitis and sinusitis for more than a decade
History: flows yellow and green liquid from nose, forehead pain, left cheek tingling, blurred vision, the skin around of inner corner of eye’s is Bruising, Eye secretions sometimes yellow in morning, accompanied by fatigue, depression, and sometimes constipation.
Past history: history of familial hypotension.
Physical examination: Slippery pulse and large pulse on Cun and Duan, faint and weak pulse on both Chi. Tongue: peeling fur on bottom of tongue.
Treatment: Acupuncture plus herbs
Result: all symptoms disappeared.

Acute exacerbation of chronic gastritis

Ms. D.  Son, 43 years old

Chief complaint: Pain and bloat in stomach a few days.

History: the upper abdomen fullness, belching, sometimes reflux, increased after eating, will increase in the evening, after drunk cocktails a few days ago. Stool and urine are normal, poor appetite.

Past history: previous history of gastritis, gastric ulcer for many years.

Physical examination: upper abdominal tenderness, no rebound pain, no palpable mass. Looking pale, pulse: rapid pulse, right pulse rapid and string-like, left pulse rapid and fine.

she feels all symptoms have gone after three days herbal remedy.