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Why Chinese medicine is heading for clinics around the world

Why Chinese medicine is heading for clinics around the world
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Acupuncture for foot sag

Patients Name: Ms. H. M.             Age: 45 years old
Date of visit: 26-06-2018
Chief complaint: The foot sag has taken place for 43 years. accompanied with swelling of the ankle
History of present illness: When the patient was 18 months old, she fallen […]

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Acupuncture for Vertigo case

Patients Name: Ms. L. I. Age: 63 years old
Date of visit: 19.04.2018
Chief complaint: vertigo for 18 months.
History of present illness: For eighteen months ago, the headache was diagnosed as an intracranial infection after examination in hospital. After 4 months of […]

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Chinese herbal medicine basics

Four qi and Five flavors

Qi and flavor, the property and flavor of a medicinal that represent the main effects of that medicinal.
Four Qi, the four basic properties of medicinals, cold, hot, warmth, and coolness.
Five flavors, the five tastes of medicinals, […]

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Seven Emotional Factors

Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes the relation between diseases and mental activities. Emotional mental activities are categorized as the seven emotional factors: joy, anger, melancholy, worry, grief, fear, and fright. They are the main pathogenic factors of endogenous diseases.
The seven pathogenic […]

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Started normal work

A month’s holiday is over. Starting today, we begin normal work. The weather is good and I feel very happy. Never forget the delicious Chinese food. Never forget the hot weather in China.
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Since 18.05.2018, the clinic will be temporarily closed for one month due to employee’s holiday. This will inconvenience you. We apologize for this. TCM Yard Ltd
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Full text: Traditional Chinese Medicine in China
China’s State Council Information Office on Dec. 6 issued a white paper on the development of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in China.
Following is the full text of the document.
Traditional Chinese Medicine in China
The State Council Information Office of the People’s […]

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Bell palsy

Patients Name: Ms. N. E.      Age: 27 years old
Date of visit: 24.03.2018
Chief complaint: Right facial nerve palsy for 8 years.
History of present illness: Right facial nerve palsy for 8 years, has been applied to a variety of methods of treatment, […]

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L.P Gentle herbal 艾奥比

Product Name: Asiatic wormwood Plaster
Specifications: 85mm x 110mm
Structure performance: This product is made of heating material, Asiatic wormwood, angelica, ginger, non-woven, medical adhesive, packaging bags. The heating material composed of iron powder, activated carbon, vermicul ite, salt, polymer water absorbent […]

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