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Stroke sequelae

Patients Name: Mr. M.   B.    Age: 48 years old

of visit: 30-05-2019

complaint: suffer stroke 19 months.

of present illness: suffered Stroke 19 months ago,
resulting in limited limb movements on the left side,  The corner of the mouth is skewed to the
right, […]

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Acupuncture for foot sag

Patients Name: Ms. H. M.             Age: 45 years old
Date of visit: 26-06-2018
Chief complaint: The foot sag has taken place for 43 years. accompanied with swelling of the ankle
History of present illness: When the patient was 18 months old, she fallen […]

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Acupuncture for Vertigo case

Patients Name: Ms. L. I. Age: 63 years old
Date of visit: 19.04.2018
Chief complaint: vertigo for 18 months.
History of present illness: For eighteen months ago, the headache was diagnosed as an intracranial infection after examination in hospital. After 4 months of […]

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Bell palsy with acupuncture

Patients Name: Ms. N. E.      Age: 27 years old
Date of visit: 24.03.2018
Chief complaint: Right facial nerve palsy for 8 years.
History of present illness: Right facial nerve palsy for 8 years, has been applied to a variety of methods of treatment, […]

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Unexplained chest pain with acupuncture

Patients Name: B. H.
Age: 36 years old
Gender: Male
Date of visit: 05.03.2018
Chief complaint: Chest, flank ribs, sometimes tingling, knife cut pain for months.
History of present illness: At the beginning, the pain appeared on the left side, and now the right side […]

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Eczema with acupunctue

Patients Name: MS. L. G. 45 years old.
Date of visit: 21.11.2017
Chief complaint: Eczema on both hands 8 months.
History of present illness: Suffered from eczema for 35 years, comes, goes. This eight months, both hands skin reds, burning feeling, inching, damaged, […]

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Vertigo case

Patients Name Mr. D Amara, 31-years-old
Date of visit: 30/09/2017
Chief complaint: vertigo two months and two weeks.
History of present illness: suffered vertigo have been for over 6 weeks when bend forward left side down, accompanied with spin of around, no vomiting, […]

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Ms V. Y, 37 years old.
Left side has been paresthesia four months.
Since four months ago, left side has been paresthesia, the reason is not clear,sweating more than right side,taken XANAX . Period is regular, urinate and bowels are both normal. […]

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Chronic Rhinitis and Sinusitis

Female, 62 years old,
Chief Complaints: chronic rhinitis and sinusitis for more than a decade
History: flows yellow and green liquid from nose, forehead pain, left cheek tingling, blurred vision, the skin around of inner corner of eye’s is Bruising, Eye secretions […]

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Acute exacerbation of chronic gastritis

Ms. D.  Son, 43 years old
Chief complaint: Pain and bloat in stomach comes and goes a few year, and getting worse a few days.
History: has a bloated in upper abdomen, belch, reflex, the symptoms mentioned above will getting worse after […]

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