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Acupuncture for Vertigo case


Patients Name: Ms. L. I. Age: 63 years old

Date of visit: 19.04.2018

Chief complaint: vertigo for 18 months.

History of present illness: For eighteen months ago, the headache was diagnosed as an intracranial infection after examination in hospital. After 4 months of anti-infective treatment, the headache disappeared, but there was a balance disorder, and there was a small cystic mass in the left hemisphere. The imbalance was manifested when standing up from the lying position.

physical examination: The tongue is light, the moss is greasy, and there is moss in the middle. Coordination movement is negative.

Pulse diagnose: The pulse of left side is Broad on CUN and GUAN, and the CHI is Fine and deep. The pulse of right side is Broad on GUAN.

Mechanism of disease: deficiency-excess complex, upper excess and lower deficiency, internal wind, wind-phlegm.
Therapy:Acupuncture: Dan Zhong, Zhong Wan, Xia Wan, Qi Hai, Guan yuan, Tian Shu, Xing Jian, Er Jian, Feng Long, Jiu Wei.
Result: After one acupuncture, vertigo disappeared.

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