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L.P Gentle herbal 艾奥比

Product Name: Asiatic wormwood Plaster

Specifications: 85mm x 110mm

Structure performance: This product is made of heating material, Asiatic wormwood, angelica, ginger, non-woven, medical adhesive, packaging bags. The heating material composed of iron powder, activated carbon, vermicul ite, salt, polymer water absorbent resin. Product is self-heating, heating time ≤10min, the highest temperature ≤70°C, persistent fever time ≥8h, the peel strength ≥1 N/cm.

Method of use:

  1. Take out the bags to plaster, stripping paper is uncovered;
  2. The medical adhesive above attached to the need treatment parts and can pave the plaster by hand.


  1. The product starts heating after open, do not open the package without use of the product.
  2. Please don’t eating. If eating, please immediately gargle and immediately see a doctor.
  3. Infant avoid use, not be administered to pregnant women.
  4. Skin diseases diabetes, heart disease patients, patients fever, disable person with caution.
  5. This product is a one-time use, the use of the process such as the feeling of excessive temperature should temporarily Closed immediately.
  6. Should be stored in a cool, no greater than 80 % relative humidity, well-ventilated room. The food and drug administration of the People’s Republic of China the second category of medical devices.

Specification: 1 piece/bagx20bag/box.

Validity: three years

The production date and limit date: see the batch code.

Service hotline: (0086) 400-008-2525

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