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Chinese herbal medicine basics

  1. Four qi and Five flavors

Qi and flavor, the property and flavor of a medicinal that represent the main effects of that medicinal.

Four Qi, the four basic properties of medicinals, cold, hot, warmth, and coolness.

Five flavors, the five tastes of medicinals, pungency, sweetness, sourness, bitterness, and saltiness, representing the basic actions of the medicinals.

2.In vivo trend of Chinese medicine

Upbearing, downbearing, floating and sinking. direction of medicinal action, upward, downward, outward, and inward.

  1. Meridian entry

Orientation of the medicinal action according to the meridian/channel on which the therapeutic action is manifested, also called meridian tropism.

  1. Combination

a.Application of Chinese herbal medicine alone

It means that the single of Chinese medicine treatment can achieve the desired therapeutic effect without the need for other medicines

b.Similar union

That is to say, the combination of the performance and efficacy of the Chinese herbal medicine can enhance the original efficacy.

c.Primary and secondary cooperation

That is to say, there are certain common combinations of Chinese herbal medicines in terms of performance and efficacy, and one medicine is the main one, and the other medicine is supplemented. The auxiliary medicine can enhance the efficacy of the main medicine.

d.Combination of treatment and reduction of side effects

The side effects of therapeutic Chinese herbal medicine can be alleviated or eliminated by another Chinese herbal medicine

e.Chinese herbal medicines to reduce side effects

That is, a Chinese herbal medicine can reduce or eliminate the toxicity or side effects of another Chinese herbal medicine.

f.Reduce the combination of treatment effects

That is, two kinds of Chinese herbal medicines are combined, one of which can reduce or even lose the original efficacy of another medicine.

g.Increase the combination of toxicity or side effects

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