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Eczema with acupunctue

Patients Name: MS. L. G. 45 years old.

Date of visit: 21.11.2017

Chief complaint: Eczema on both hands 8 months.

History of present illness: Suffered from eczema for 35 years, comes, goes. This eight months, both hands skin reds, burning feeling, inching, damaged, distributes of right hand small finger, middle finger, between index finger and thumb, and of left hand thumb, small finger. Even more burning feeling in night.

Period 10 days every month, heavy and fresh red.

Physical examination: The fingers same as mentioned above.

Pulse diagnosis: replete pulse, slippery pulse, large pulse, on Guan of left side wrist, sunken pulse, faint pulse, on Chi of left side wrist; replete pulse and sunken pulse on Chi of right side wrist.

Mechanism of disease: Ministerial fire is over active, Kidney Yin Deficiency

Therapy:Acupuncture. Acupuncture points: Ran Gu, Tai Xi, Xia Xi, Xing Jian, Zu Nei Ting, Qu Chi, Kong Zui, San Yang Luo.

Result: after 12 session acupuncture therapy (once a week), the eczema is getting better, the damager skin gradually restores near normal. Period changed to 7 days.

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