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How to take herbal remedy

The herbal powder in the paper bags consists of a selection of herbs prescribed to revive your body’s natural capabilities to take care of itself. They remove toxins, restore your body’s natural balance, improve circulation, strengthen organ functions and gives rise to other beneficial effects.


  1. Each bag contains two doses or servings;
  2. pour contents of one bag into a mug or cup;
  3. add boiling water;
  4. stir slowly to dissolve completely;
  5. pour roughly half into another cup to drink, preferably after dinner;
  6. keep the other half overnight;
  7. warm up the remaining half and drink, preferably, after breakfast;
  8. pour contents of second bag into mug or cup the following evening;
  9. repeat above process for the next 6 days.




Herbs are vegetation effective in restoring health. Some herbs rid the body of toxins and may be bitter; most people find herbs an acquired taste.


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