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Unexplained chest pain with acupuncture

Patients Name: B. H.

Age: 36 years old

Gender: Male

Date of visit: 05.03.2018

Chief complaint: Chest, flank ribs, sometimes tingling, knife cut pain for months.

History of present illness: At the beginning, the pain appeared on the left side, and now the right side was also in pain. Most of the attacks occurred at night. There were no abnormal results in the examinations performed in the hospital.

Past history: No history of similar attacks. Denies history of liver disease, denies history of hypertension, and history of lung disease

physical examination: There was no buttoning pain in the liver area, Murphy’s sign was negative, the abdomen was soft, there was no palpable mass, there was no tenderness and rebound tenderness, and there was no buttoning pain in the kidney area.

pulse diagnosis: The right pulse is fait and the left pulse is string-like

Tongue diagnosis: thin tongue, fissured tongue on the front of the tongue

Mechanism of disease: Liver-Kidney yin deficiency.

Therapy:Herbal remedy and Acupuncture

Glehnia root, Licorice, White peony, Angelica, Red peony. Three days’ dose.

06.03.2018 , Chief complaint, only the right rib and the right underarm are more sensitive

Acupuncture treatment one session.


Result: All symptoms disappear.

Note: The patient came to express thanks today (15.03.2018)

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