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Vertigo case

Patients Name Mr. D Amara, 31-years-old

Date of visit: 30/09/2017

Chief complaint: vertigo two months and two weeks.

History of present illness: suffered vertigo have been for over 6 weeks when bend forward left side down, accompanied with spin of around, no vomiting, nausea, tinnitus, and deafness, etc.  Before the onset, no history of flu.

Deny any similar history of prior dizziness.

physical examination:

No tenderness in the mastoid, frontal sinus and other parts. Cervical C2-C5, left transverse process tenderness, C3-C4, right transverse process tenderness.


Pulse: Cun, Guan, Chi, faint.

Mechanism of disease: Qi deficiency

suffered vertigo:Acupuncture plus Tui Na.

acupoints: left Mei Chong, Baihui, Zu San Li, Tai Xi

Result: vertigo disappeared at once after acupuncture.

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