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Try looking in the monthly archives. April 2018

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Bell palsy with acupuncture

Patients Name: Ms. N. E.      Age: 27 years old
Date of visit: 24.03.2018
Chief complaint: Right facial nerve palsy for 8 years.
History of present illness: Right facial nerve palsy for 8 years, has been applied to a variety of methods of treatment, […]

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L.P Gentle herbal 艾奥比

Product Name: Asiatic wormwood Plaster
Specifications: 85mm x 110mm
Structure performance: This product is made of heating material, Asiatic wormwood, angelica, ginger, non-woven, medical adhesive, packaging bags. The heating material composed of iron powder, activated carbon, vermicul ite, salt, polymer water absorbent […]

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