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Try looking in the monthly archives. August 2018

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Acupuncture for foot sag

Patients Name: Ms. H. M.             Age: 45 years old
Date of visit: 26-06-2018
Chief complaint: The foot sag has taken place for 43 years. accompanied with swelling of the ankle
History of present illness: When the patient was 18 months old, she fallen […]

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Acupuncture for Vertigo case

Patients Name: Ms. L. I. Age: 63 years old
Date of visit: 19.04.2018
Chief complaint: vertigo for 18 months.
History of present illness: For eighteen months ago, the headache was diagnosed as an intracranial infection after examination in hospital. After 4 months of […]

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Chinese herbal medicine basics

Four qi and Five flavors

Qi and flavor, the property and flavor of a medicinal that represent the main effects of that medicinal.
Four Qi, the four basic properties of medicinals, cold, hot, warmth, and coolness.
Five flavors, the five tastes of medicinals, […]

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