Chinese medicine cares Long Covid

Acupuncture can help the symptoms of long Covid Herbbal medicine can help the symptoms of long Covid. What is long Covid? Long Covid is a term to describe the effects of Covid-19 that continue for weeks or months beyond the initial illness. The health...

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chinese medicine delivery

Herbal Medicine Postal Services

We Are Now Offering Herbal Medicine Postal Services! Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are now offering herbal mailing services to homes. If you need such service, please Contact Us at Email: WhatsApp: 00447787712197 Consultation PageHere Please prepare your enquiries such as your...

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Stroke sequelae

Patients Name: Mr. M. B. Age: 48 years old Date of visit: 30-05-2019 Chief complaint: suffer stroke 19 months. History of present illness: suffered Stroke 19 months ago, resulting in limited limb movements on the left side, The corner of the mouth is...

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The image of the body being pierced by fine needles in an apparently random way is perhaps the stereotypical view of Chinese medicine. At face value, it must be difficult to imagine how this kind of treatment can benefit particular problems. For most people...

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Vertigo case

Patients Name Mr. D Amara, 31-years-old Date of visit: 30/09/2017 Chief complaint: vertigo two months and two weeks. History of present illness: suffered vertigo have been for over 6 weeks when bend forward left side down, accompanied with spin of around, no vomiting, nausea,...

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Diseases and disorders that can be treated with acupuncture

(Published by World Health Organization) Complete document currently available at The diseases or disorders for which acupuncture therapy has been tested in controlled clinical trials reported in the recent literature can be classified into four categories as shown below. Diseases, symptoms or conditions...

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Prostatitis refers to prostate-specific and non-specific infection caused by acute and chronic inflammation, causing systemic or local symptoms. Prostatitis can be divided into non-specific bacterial prostatitis, idiopathic bacterial prostatitis (also known as prostate disease), specific prostatitis (from Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, fungi, parasites, etc.),...

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